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How can I access the resources on

The resources on can be accessed by signing up for a subscription plan that best suits your requirements. All the content has separate subject solutions or Answers to which you need to visit the respective website for accessing the premium Plan.

Upon subscribing, you can log in to the website and access the resources online using a smartphone/tablet/computer equipped with an active internet connection.

For an enhanced viewing experience, our technical team recommends viewing the resources on a device that meets the following technical specifications.

Operating system:



What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. That’s why we provide one sample in each Unit/Chapter for you to decide the type of content we have kept for a subscription. No refund once the payment is executed by the user as per the policy of the company.

Is this website and my credit card information secure?

Yes, for the following reasons:

Security of information starts with collecting as little as possible. We typically collect only your email, password, ZIP code, and you may customize your username. 

We do not receive or store your credit card information, but rather a token provided by our payment processor Stripe.IGCSE Mathematics Answers is accessible only over an encrypted https connection.

Is Downloading PDF-Answers Allowed?

Not Allowed, PDF answers are just to be used ONLINE on phone or computer. Downloading files is disabled by the admin to discourage the uploading by users to various websites illegally.

Can I download the resources for offline access?

As of now, No.

The resources on have been embedded securely into the website in portable document format (PDF) and can only be accessed online as of now due to data security concerns. Moreover, online access enables a user to access the resources using any device irrespective of location.

You may be allowed to download some resources as may be deemed suitable by the company from time to time.

Can the resources be accessed on multiple devices at the same time?


Once a user is logged into his/her account on a particular device, access on any other device at the same time using the same user credentials (username/password) will be blocked. The access is not restricted to a particular device though. A user may choose to access the resources on his/her smartphone or tablet or computer as may be convenient at that particular time.

Our system tracks IP addresses and if we have reasonable evidence to suspect an account is being shared by multiple users, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

Does the membership auto-renew’ automatically deduct the payment via credit card?

There is NO auto-renew on any of the sub-websites you need to renew again or contact us for renewal.

Can I cancel my subscription plan before it expires?

No. The subscription plan chosen by you will auto-expire upon completion of the validity period. No refund will be given in that case.

Can I get a refund if I choose to discontinue the subscription plan before it expires?


Can I copy or snip the answers or solutions materials by any method from the website and what are the repercussion?

Not Allowed, the website is secure, and copying the content is against the term of service of the brand. Leading to suspending of the account. we have an advanced AI system installed to detect snipping and copying of the material after which your account and IP will be permanently suspended without notice to the user.

We offer multiple specimen resources for your perusal, which we believe are adequate to adjudge the nature and quality of the resources available on You are advised to make a purchase only after you are sure if the resources meet your requirements.

I am unable to access the account after subscribing to the premium plan.

You can chat or talk to us via a chatbot on the home page of the website to bring to our notice for the same or contact us via email.

Is Downloading PDF-Answers Allowed?

Not Allowed, PDF answers are just to be used ONLINE on phone or computer. Downloading files is disabled by the admin to discourage the uploading by users to various websites illegally. We deactivate the account if our system detects any copying or snipping from any IP.

Is the payment refundable after purchasing a subscription?

No, we upload substantial PDF answers for the clients to be fully satisfied, and the purchase relevant PREMIUM subscription.

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